Building successful email campaigns

Koded Web - Aug 03, 2017

In 2015, there were reported to be 2.6 billion email users in the world, with the average user receiving around 88 emails per day. This is therefore both a massive market with regards to potential customers or people who will interact with your site, however it is also a highly competitive market to try and get these people to engage who are already being bombarded with emails left right and centre.

With these things to consider it is worth looking at what gives us the grounding for a successful email campaign rather than one that will just disappear into the mailboxes of your users never to be seen again.

1. Collection of Data

It is important that even from the outset, the customer data that is being collected is both accurate and relevant. There is no point in having thousands of email addresses, if these emails are either incorrect or full of people with no interest in what you have to send out to them. Collecting emails directly from the website sign up forms, trade shows, business meetings, potential client leads etc are all great ways to collect relevant data to what you are trying to sell.

2. Choosing a mailing system

On the market today is a large number of email marketing solutions, one that we use here at Koded is Mailchimp, due to its integration with 3rd party systems such as WordPress and Magento, but there are other ones on the leaders in the market such as Dotmailer and Campaign Monitor.

It is important to choose the best one for your companies needs, both from a costing point of view as well as from a functionality point of view. Look at who offers the best rates for the number of users you are looking to target, who offers what sort of segmentation of data as well as reporting on what has been clicked on and interacted with.

3. Choose a strong email campaign

When it comes to sending out emails, you could have a great list of potential clients or people interested in your brand or company, but if you send them something that is not visually appealing or engaging they are immediately going to close it and move onto the next email in their inbox.

Sending out time sensitive offers or deals, information that the client is going to want to interact with, strong calls to action will increase engagement with the audience you have chosen.

Also it is important to think strongly about the subject message of your email, this is going to be the reason why people click on your email rather than scanning over it and moving onto the next one. Including a heading of x% off your order with us, or highlighting another gain from clicking the email will help to get people to engage with your offering.

4. Segmentation of Data

Not all of your customer base will want to receiver every email that you are sending out, it is therefore important to make sure that all information is being sent out to people who will benefit from receiving this email and be off interest. Look through what people have bought previously, age range of people in the lists, location, anything that can provide information to what these people might be after rather than using it as a blanket list.

5. Send follow up emails

Just because people might have opened the email and not clicked on any links, doesn’t mean they are a lost lead. People lead busy lives, they might have been distracted by anything else that was going on in their lives at that time. Sent a follow up email to a segment of the list that opened but didn’t click with a follow up offer or slightly different wording on what was offered. Be careful not to do this too often though as people will become annoyed at these tactics and either unsubscribe or mark as email abuse.

6. Explicitly target inactive users

As we can see from the opening stats, the average person receives a lot of emails per day. An inactive user is still a user that in the past has shown intent to buy from you. Look at producing an email campaign to get these people back on board. Offer them an extra incentive to come back to you, it is still much cheaper to try and get an existing customer to come back rather than spending marketing budget on getting new potential customers or clients to engage.

What should we do to build our email marketing campaigns?

Here at Koded, we have a large portfolio of clients that we have helped in this exact way. From concept to production of high performing campaigns we have helped clients to maximise what they are offering on this platform. Why not drop us a message to see how we can help you today.