Is your website secure?

Koded - Apr 19, 2017

A big question we always see getting asked firstly is, is my website secure? and secondly should it be? Read on below to see how we answer these questions.

How can I tell?

If your website is insecure, your browser will probably be making it very clear to everyone looking at it that there is a potential security risk regarding your site. If you are using most modern browsers, the URL bar has been updated to show if the page you are visiting is secure or not. for example:

Does my site need to be secure?

If you are an online E-commerce business or a company handling personal information, the answer to this question is 100% yes. Not only on the checkout or admin areas of your site, but across the whole site. This will cover you from any unwanted issues with data leaks etc from your site.

However if you are a more simple information site or lead generation site, then security should still be a key factor to consider, people could still be filling in contact forms, or handing over data in other forms, which should still be encrypted from any potential threat.

It is also now a case that Google includes Site security as a ranking factor when it is indexing sites across the web. Google are trying to make the internet a safer place for all concerned, so we should be following their lead and updating our sites too.

How does an SSL certificate help?

An SSL certificate is the internet’s way to verify which sites are using encrypted connections and which are not. It’s highly recommended for all e-commerce websites or sites that use forms to ask for personal details you don’t want getting into the wrong hands.

The benefits of the SSL certificate’s include:

  • Makes all user information secure
  • Peace of mind to the end user
  • Google ranking factor
  • Added trust factor to a potential client

How do we get one installed?

SSL certificates are installed server side of the website, and would be handled by your Website hosting company. Here at Koded, we would be happy to help you with this and any further questions you have regarding your website hosting requirements. Our SSL certificates start at £9.99 a month.