The new Tribosonics site is now live!

Koded Web - Jul 11, 2019

Sheffield based scale up Tribosonics have developed innovative sensing technologies that enable data capture processes through embedding transducers at component level. They provide an unmatched level of information density, leading to a much more complete understanding of the engineering system.

The company has undergone a complete rebrand to help propel the company forward. We were approached to look at relaunching their website, following the rebrand to reflect the work that they do.

We utilised the latest in web technologies to help lift the website, using HTML 5 and WebGL, the users can interact with the website adding to the immersive feel we wanted to achieve. The core site framework is built on an industry standard CMS system, allowing the client to update and tweak the content as required.

We really pushed ourselves with some of the animations, focusing on interaction to really lift the page designs. The Approach and the Mission pages being two stand out pieces of work that add to the overall modern feel the brand is wanting to portray.

Head over to to the new website to see the animations in action, then drop us a message using our form to see how we can help to reposition your brand within the market place.